Our Schools

Caring for our students and familes


Trustee Area 2 rests in the middle of Silicon Valley and is home to some of our greatest schools, some of the biggest high-tech companies, along with major transit corridors, and vital park and recreation areas. Our community serves a diverse population, and our community's needs are just as diverse as the people. We must embrace our differences, find similarities, and fight for every student to thrive and find opportunity for their lives.

At the Santa Clara County Board of Education we are primarily tasked with helping our youth and students that fall out of their local school district, or need attention beyond the district's ability, and helping to boost programs and resources for our schools and after-school programs. We have over 1,700 staff, ensuring services are delivered with the quality our neighborhoods deserve and compensation that is just for our exceptional staff that cares for our students and their education.

As we make current choices, we must be looking forward to ensure that the work we do today has positive impacts for our youth, and that we make sustainable decisions that lift up the children in need, and see every child offered the amazing opportunities our community can offer. We have an obligation to our students, our families, our teachers and the future of Santa Clara County to address our challenges, build upon our successes and work together.

I look forward to speaking with you about our schools and concerns that we can address together for our students. Thank you.

Please contact us anytime at votekathleenking@gmail.com